Hook – A Mobile Puzzler

Hook is a mobile game created by Rainbow Train that is described as a “minimal, relaxing puzzle game”. I’ll give the developers 2 out of three, because Hook is minimalistic and puzzling, but it sure ain’t relaxing.

Instead, Hook is a delightfully fun and challenging little game where you need every ounce of concentration to succeed. Each increasingly taxing level has a number of… lets say ‘arms’, that the player has to release. Each arm can only be released if it has a clear space. Once one arm is released, it will usually create an opening for another, and so on. Here’s a nice, simple example to start:

Hook - simple level

If this sounds like a simple premise to you, that’s because it is. And Hook’s beautiful simplicity is what makes it so engaging, that and its ever suprising complexity. Just when you think it has got as big and as tough as it is going to, bam, Hook hits you with a new level of devious puzzlement. Play it at home, play it on the train, play it anywhere and everywhere. Just don’t play it when tired, and don’t play it to relax.

Here’s a more complex level, followed to 2 steps towards completion:

Hook - step 1Hook - step 2Hook - step 3

And finally, a real puzzler:

Hook - challenge

Hook is available on the App store, the Google Play store and the Windows mobile store.


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