Bee9 iPad Mini Stand

I type this sitting on my sofa, with a bluetooth keyboard on my lap and my iPad Mini propped up on the coffee table. It’s the way I’ve been doing the majority of my typing of late, having despaired one too many times over my 5 year old windows laptop. Tonight it’s different though, tonight my ipad is propped up in style. Rather than the usual plantpot-coaster-glass combo, this time my ipad rests like a king in its beautiful hand-crafted wooden stand from Bee9 Design. Oh it is a happy ipad.

I had originally planned to get an apple folio case, like the one that adorns Jen’s Mini. However, although it works well enough, I’ve never been a big fan of holding the ipad with the case still attached, flapping around and getting in the way. So I looked for an alternative and found the Bee9 Design Groove. Crafted from bamboo, the design is ridiculously simple, but does the job perfectly and has a smooth and pleasing finish.

You can find out more and order yours (they come in a range of sizes, for iPhones, iPad Minis and iPads) by Clicking Here.

image image image

All images copyright Bee9 Design.


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