LG 42LF652V Smart 42 Inch TV with WebOS Review

For the last 3 years I’ve been using a 40″ Samsung LED backlit TV which cost around the same price as this lg. Naturally technology moves forward, so it is no surprise that the lg has better picture quality and more advanced features. What is a surprise is the massive difference in design and build quality. The Samsung is very much plastic in look and feel, has a wobbly base and very few input/output sockets. The lg had none of these problems; it feels premium and hardwearing, with 3 hdmi slots, headphone jack, digital audio output and much more. It looks and feels like a much more expensive set.

LG 42LF652V

The picture quality is another strength for this TV, with deep blacks, bright whites and popping colour. Sound is strong, too, though it is never going to be fantastic with a flatscreen tv.

The real standout is the WebOS smart-tv system. It is intuitive and simple to use, despite being feature packed. The system controls everything, from switching HDMI inputs to using one of the several content providers installed (Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Wuaki are the main ones). One click of the Home button (using the remote that feels nice and has good clicky buttons) and up pops the self-explanatory menu, with the first option being the most recently closed option – perfect as I think most people will have, like I do, a couple of options that they use more than any other.

LG WebOS Smart TV

There are plenty of features that I’m yet to explore properly, and the TV keeps surprising me. For example, I was recently browsing YouTube on my iPad after a DVD had finished. WebOS has YouTube installed, but I wasn’t really planning on watching anything in particular so the iPad was fine. I played a video and a little icon I’d never seen before popped up… naturally I clicked it, and with one confirmation tap the video appeared on the television in full size and excellent quality. It blew me away, to be honest!

Not everything is quite perfect, though. My one key fault is that the Sky remote doesn’t control the TV like it should, so changing volume and turning on the TV from it are not possible. I tried the set up twice, but it was unsuccessful, so I’ve become more reliant on having two remotes than I would prefer, but I’m sure a bit more playing about in menus and I’ll figure it out.

Overall I can’t tell you how much I love this TV. I had expected a slight improvement on my old Samsung, but this £500 LG is lightyears ahead in build, picture, sound and features.

Images copyright and courtesy of LG.

I received the LG 42LF652V free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

Order from Amazon.co.uk with free UK delivery.


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