Winter sun & ice cream…

Yesterday was how Sundays should be. 

We headed out into some incredible winter sunshine for a walk down Eastbourne seafront to the world-famous Fusciardi’s Ice Cream Parlour. I went for a single scoop of Ginger in a cone – a controversial choice, I realise, but I wasn’t disappointed. The rest of the squad went for Strawberry (x2), Honeycomb, and Rum & Raisin.

To those of you that suggest that January in England is the wrong time and place for ice cream, all I can do is shake my head slowly and pity your naivety.

I didn’t take my camera out, as we’d originally only been going for a fry-up, so was frustrated when we decided to go for a walk and I missed an opportunity. Instead I ended up taking snaps on my trusty old iPhone 5s and editing them with Enlight to give them a retro feel – perfect for an old fashioned day at the beach.









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